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Martin is 12 years old. Like most of the children of his age, he likes playing games, reading, and goofing around whenever an opportunity to do so presents itself. Take for instance, his assignment on the American history, which is due in two days. That’s also the time when his vacation ends. Martin has already delayed completing his assignment for a long time and he’s beginning to feel the pressure now.  However, he stumbles upon a free online course on the American history and downloads a live class recording. He watches the recording on his iPad as he is sitting in the back seat of the car while returning home from his favourite vacation spot. By the time he reaches home, he knows everything he should about the American history. He gets down to work promptly and completes his assignment in a short time.

Today, many learners across age groups, are familiar with the possibilities that online or mobile learning can offer to them. In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the consumption of content via smartphones. From booking flights to reading e-books, smartphones and other mobile devices, such as tablets, iPads, iPods, and more, have become a preferred means of consuming content. The use of mobile devices is a brilliant way of learning on the go.

At WizIQ, we realize the potential of mobile learning. WizIQ mobile apps for Android and iOS devices have been increasingly used by both instructors and learners because of the ease of use and mobility. With these Apps, you can virtually teach and learn anytime, anywhere. The popularity of the WizIQ mobile apps and mobile learning is linked to the following factors.

  • Portable: Mobile devices are portable. They can be used for learning purposes anytime, anywhere.
  • Storage Capacity: Mobile devices, available today, have good storage capacity. Hence, storing educational content is easy. Through WizIQ mobile apps, you can access your course content even when you are offline.
  • Live Classes: The Live Class feature in the WizIQ app allows learners to attend live classes. During the live class, you can communicate with the instructor through live audio and video chat or through text chat.
  • Convenience: Mobile devices provide learners with the opportunity of learning at their own convenience.
  • Instant Notifications: You can see notifications, including updates on content addition, test addition, class schedule etc, about every course you have subscribed to, on your WizIQ App.
  • Messaging: WizIQ mobile app allows you to send and receive personal messages to and from everyone in your contact list.
  • User Interface: The WizIQ mobile apps’ user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Mobile learning is here to stay. It’s the next step in the evolution of online learning. The implications of mobile learning are far-reaching and provide tremendous opportunities to grow to instructors as well as a learners. WizIQ mobile apps, with their progressive features, provide the perfect platform to venture into the world of mobile learning. In fact, WizIQ app’s popularity led Edmodo to join hands with WizIQ and feature the WizIQ app on their website!

So what’s stopping you? Don’t hesitate. Check out WizIQ M-Learning!

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